Instructions For How to Buy On AliExpress

Right now we can’t accept orders from paypal any more, so we can only accept orders from our aliexpress store.

And when you click “Buy on Aliexpress”, you will see that it’s Antenna or some other photos not the IPTV photos, that’s because we can’t sell the IPTV on aliexpress, we need to use the other product to sell on aliexpress, but in truth, it’s iptv, and the price is same as at our own store, like 6G is stand for 6 months iptv account. It’s more safe and secure. 

And also, when you place the order on aliexpress, you will see the price is much more expensive that we said at our own store, that’s because it added the european tax on it on aliexpress, you can read the instructions below to change the shipping address to avoid paying tax on aliexpress. 

Instructions below:

Instructions on PC in English:

Instructions on Smart Phone in English:

Instructions on PC in Spanish:

Instructions on Smart Phone in Spanish:

Also you can contact us at our email box:

or on our whatsapp:

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